Anne Young started Methow Valley Media in October of 2019. Anne’s passion for marketing began before she started of on her own entrepreneurial journey in 2012. When she saw business owners and healers around her struggle with the multifaceted skills required for successful self-promotion, she wanted to offer relief from the most daunting parts of business ownership. After starting her own successful photography business, she dove into learning the most powerful marketing resources available.

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In 2019, Anne took the role of Marketing Director for the tourist town of Winthrop, WA. As the entire marketing team she is the graphic designer, determines the best uses for the advertising budget, created the town website, manages social media, organizes town events, and even produces the town TV commercials.

During the global pandemic, like many, Anne delved into a self improvement journey that led to her becoming a Reiki Master. Starting an energy healing business, Spirit of the Methow, brought a whole new “energy” to her marketing approach. Anne is passionate about helping other holistic healers reach those who need them most.

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