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In order to have a Facebook Business you first need to have a personal account. This can all be done from a smartphone but it’s best done on a computer.

Steps for creating a new Facebook account:

1: Type into your browser

2: Complete the “Create a new Account” form

3: Enter your email address or use a phone number where you can accept text messages.

4: Write your password down somewhere.

5: Check your email or phone to authenticate the account.

Create a Facebook Business Page:

1: Look along the lefthand side of the page and click on the “Pages” tab.

2: In the upper right click “Create Page”

3: Follow the prompts to create your page.

4: Facebook will prompt you to fill in the fields.

5: You’ll be asked to upload two photos.  The circular “profile photo” should be your logo. A photo of the front of your shop or inside of your shop could work for the banner at the top of your page.

6: When filling in the blanks, do whatever you can to get people off of Facebook and to your website. 7: Anything you fill in should be timeless and something you don’t have to update regularly. Don’t say: The business started three years ago. Instead say: The business was started in 2016.

Thanks for reading! Let us know if this helped!

-Anne Young

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